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Assurewills Limited

will writing - estate planning - probate

tele:             01223 967477

e-mail:      [email protected]

Our Services

Assurewills are able to offer a full range of Will writing and estate planning services, to ensure your Will best meets your aims and needs, both now and in the future.

Will Writing:

All of our Wills are tailored to meet your individual needs, and cover:

  • Executorship appointments
  • Guardianship
  • Specific legacies
  • Distribution of your assets
  • Specific funeral requests
  • Any other issues you wish to address

We never look to over complicate the documents we produce, but as part of our estate planning service we can advise on any of the following:

Inheritance Tax Planning:

We will assess your estate and explain the general inheritance tax rules and how they may impact upon your estate. If it is possible to structure your Will and assets to reduce any potential inheritance tax liability then this will be identified and clearly explained to you.

Protection of Assets:

By taking time to structure your Will correctly it is possible to protect your main assets, such as your family home, and ensure they are available to be passed on to your family and other beneficiaries, thereby providing you with peace of mind.

Potential threats to your assets can include one or more of:

  • Long term care fee costs
  • Inheritance tax
  • Remarriage of a widowed spouse


As part of estate planning Trusts can be used in various ways to provide protection for assets such as property, life assurance policies, death in service benefits, business assets etc, and also to protect assets for disabled or other vulnerable beneficiaries. In these circumstances, we take time to explain why a Trust should be used, and the benefits it will provide.

Severance of Joint Tenancy / Tenants in Common:

For many couples holding the family home or other property assets as 'tenants in common', where both parties hold a specified percentage of the property each (usually 50/50), can prove beneficial and enable simple estate planning to help with potential inheritance tax reduction and a level of protection for the property asset(s) against issues such as potential long term care fees.

We are able to talk you through the options and benefits, and if required arrange for the changes to be made with the Land Registry.

Long Term Care Fee Planning in Wills:

One of the main concerns today for many individuals is the funding of their potential long term care, and the powers Social Service departments currently have to force the sale of a persons home to help pay for the cost of any long term care they may need.

The level of care home fees vary greatly, but can easily range from £3,000 to £5,000+ per month, and for anyone with total assets above the current funding threshold of £23,250 (2011/2012), the cost of care is entirely theirs to meet. For a summary of the new funding proposals for 2017 onwards please refer to our long term care planning page.

The cost of long term care can soon consume the value of a family home, leaving little to pass on to children and other family members, and often this is the case.

You can protect against the whole of your home and other assets being used in this way by adopting some simple estate planning and having your Will(s) drafted correctly. This straightforward action can ensure your hard earned assets are 'ring fenced' and your beneficiaries do have something to inherit!

Professional advice is essential, and is available from Assurewills now.

Lasting Powers of Attorney:

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document which allows you to choose someone now (a spouse, relative or friend), who you trust, to make decisions on your behalf about things such as your property and financial affairs, or health welfare, at a time in the future when you no longer wish to make those decisions, or should you lack the mental capacity due to illness, accident or the advancement of old age, to make those decisions yourself.

We are able to advise you and draft these documents to meet your specific requirements.

Advanced Medical Directive (Living Will):

This is a document separate from your Will, which can set out the circumstances under which you would not wish to receive life-sustaining medical treatment if you became seriously ill in the future and were incapable of making your own decisions.

Secure Document Storage:

Once you have had your documents produced, it is essential that the original documents are kept safe and secure until they are ultimately required by those you have appointed.

The simple solution is to make use of our document storage option offered through the Society of Will Writers, which provides you with the following:

  • An independent checking service to ensure your Will and other documents have been signed and witnessed correctly.
  • Safe storage of your documents.
  • Executor access cards.

Probate Administration Services:

We are able to offer a full estate probate administration service to Executors who prefer to hand over the complex probate process to a professional through The Society of Will Writers Trust Corporation. The fees are clear and very competitive when compared to similar services offered by the Banks or your local solicitor.

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